Meet Chaz

Hello my name is Chaz Hammonds and I am a graduate of Texas A&M University. I always admired my grandmother’s soul food growing up, but it was always struggle for me to see how her diabetes reacted to her cooking. I wanted to make the dishes that she was infamous for, but with a healthy twist. After college I started documenting foods that would be considered healthy and unhealthy, as well as the foods I found to be most delectable. I began to see the amount of sodium and sugar contents of each meal I was eating. Immediately I knew that there had to be a change in my lifestyle, rather than my temporary diet. As the months went by I started to change the sodium I was consuming while documenting the food I cooked with recipes.

This is where the vision for Soulfitgrill was born. I began making changes in how I prepared my food such as lowering my sodium intake, grilling and baking my meals. Months went by I began to notice how the changes in my diet had affected by appearance.  I wanted to share the experience with my friends, family and various communities so they may know how to cook healthy food with flavor. During the spring of 2014, I built my own backyard-garden where I grew multiple vegetables such as: tomatoes, zucchini, squash, peppers, cilantro, and collard greens. Growing my own vegetables, allowed me to cultivate exactly what I consumed. In the Spring of 2015, my backyard garden turned into a 6 acre urban community garden. The acres of land is where I grow and test herbs for new spice blends and I also allow people living in a food dessert to come pick vegetables for free. With the want for people to have freshness from my urban garden, having the ability to eat healthy and still have SOUL in their meal I created SoulFit Seasoning in 2015!

SoulFit Seasonings are all natural, low sodium, non preservative, vegan and paleo friendly with a healthy southern twist! Creating a line of healthy seasonings gives my grandmother away to eat with SOUL while still being able to manage her diabetes. In 2017, I created the Legend Kamado grill, in hopes that people would use my Kamado grills as an alternative to frying food, the unique cooking shape of my grill helps veggies and meat to stay moist while locking in flavor. With thousands of followers, I’ve been privileged to motivate a generation of people who wish to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. #SoulFitGrill